What is Pingendo ?

Pingendo is an online Bootstrap 4 builder, integrated with Github and Github Pages.
It is built for individuals and team that need to prototype, develop, host and maintain static websites.

What do you mean with "integrated with Github and Github Pages" ?

Pingendo can be considered as an add-on for Github repositories. Every Pingendo project is actually a Github repository, and your pages will be hosted on Github Pages.

Bootstrap 4 is still in alpha.  Is it wise to adopt it for my new projects?

Yes. Bootstrap 4 alpha 6 is the last alpha before of the full beta release, and can be already considered a better option to Bootstrap 3 for many cases.

Does a desktop version still exists ?

Yes, the desktop version for developers used to work locally and offline exists, and can be download here.

Is Pingendo free? 

Pingendo is free while in beta.  A free plan limited to 1 project will be available after the beta period.  See pricing for details.

Can I customize the default Bootstrap theme? 

Yes, you can. With Pingendo, you are free to modify SASS source code that is instantly and automatically compiled to CSS for rapid preview. 
SASS is a CSS preprocessor that helps to keep your styling code clean.

Can I add custom CSS? 

Yes, you can. Open the embedded source editor and add your own CSS rules at the end of the SASS file.

Can I add custom JS? 

Yes. Pingendo generates static HTML files, 100% Bootstrap 4 based, making it easy for JavaScript-savvy developers to customize and extend.

Why doesn't my own JS work in the Pingendo preview ?

We care about your security and allowing script to run while you are logged in Github could expose your data to malicious attacks. As such, you'll need to checkout your repository to a 100% safe local environment to integrates Javascript.

Can I use Pingendo as a CMS  for me and my team?

Yes, in many cases you can avoid a 'traditional CMS' and let your team work directly with your static site files. 
You'll work faster, simpler and safer and with far fewer constraints.

Can I host my websites for free?

Yes, you are able to host your site free of change thanks to Github Pages, a free hosting service for your repositories kindly offered by Github. Visit the Github Pages site for details.

Does Pingendo need to import or export the HTML and CSS? 

No, it works natively on  top of HTML/SASS/CSS files, generating stock, vanilla Bootstrap 4.0 markup, that you can customize or extend within Pingendo – or with your preferred text editor.

What if I need the old version of Pingendo for Bootstrap 3 ?

You can download the old release for free here :

I tried Pingendo but I got stuck, what to do? 

You might need to know a little more about how Bootstrap works. Visit for the most up-to-date documentation.

Does Pingendo work only with Bootstrap? 

Today, yes. Tomorrow, who knows? Send us your suggestions.

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