Frequently asked questions

1) Who uses Pingendo?

  • Developers, to boost productivity and play with new concepts. 
  • Designers, to design visually and produce developer-readable source code.
  • Beginners, to create while learning  developer best practices and exploring Bootstrap features.

2) I tried Pingendo but I got stuck, what to do?

Probably you need to know more about  Bootstrap
Visit  Bootstrap for the most up-to-date documentation. Google your question to access the knowledge and courses offered by the huge Bootstrap community.

3) Is Pingendo free?

Yes. What is free today will be free tomorrow. Premium services are coming and they will pay our bills.

4) Why use Bootstrap?

Because Bootstrap is the most widely adopted development framework, with the largest thriving community and most extensive documentation.

5) Does Pingendo work only with Bootstrap?

Today, yes. Tomorrow, who knows? Send us your suggestions.

6) Is Pingendo appropriate for education?

Yes, beginners learn developers' best practices and widely adopted open source technologies as they create.

7) Can Pingendo be extended?

Yes. The SDK to extend Pingendo is coming soon.

8) Can I add custom CSS?

Yes. Open the embedded source editor and add your own CSS rules at the end of the LESS file.

9) Can I customize the default Bootstrap theme?

Yes. With Pingendo, you can modify LESS source code, compiling it live to CSS for rapid preview. LESS is a CSS preprocessor, so you keep the CSS code clean.

10) Does Pingendo need to export the HTML and CSS?

No, it works natively on HTML/CSS/LESS files on your filesystem generating Bootstrap vanilla markup.

11) Does Pingendo autoreload externally modified files?

Yes, you can work simultaneously with your favorite source editors and image editors.

12) Can I work with files created outside Pingendo?

Yes. Pingendo reads any HTML file, but has specific support only for vanilla Bootstrap 3.x components.