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Learn how to help developers, creatives, marketers  and stakeholder collaborate like never before with all the benefits of Git and Github.

Share a preview

Pingendo includes a handy service to preview any pages you create. To share a preview link, simply click the  button from the builder toolbar to get the link.

Note that sharing direct link works only with public repository. To preview pages in private repos, users need to be made collaborators in your repository.

Invite your collaborators

To start collaborating, you'll first need to add your team members to your repository.

You can add collaborators to your project at your repository page. Firstly, make sure each team member has set up a Github account (they're free). 

Next, click on the gear icon (  ) on the top right of your project repo and then navigate to 'Collaborators' in the menu on the left. Once added, your collaborators will be free to view, edit and suggest changes to your website any time they like.

Propose changes to the project (Pull requests)

Any collaborator can propose a change, edit or improvement by making a "Pull request". The project owner is is free to evaluate each change and either accept it (i.e. merge to master) or reject it (close). To create a new pull request, just click on the  button.

When a new pull request is created, a completely new copy of the entire site is created, so that you can safely make modifications to your copy of the site without affecting the 'master copy'.

Accepting changes

Project owners and collaborators can merge changes contained in a pull-request.

If the pull-request is mergeable – in other words, you want to add the updates to the master copy – simply click the 'Merge' button when the pull-request is selected. The changes will be integrated automatically.

Otherwise, if the pull-request contains conflicts, a manual merge will be required. Click the 'Merge manually' button to navigate to Github and merge the conflicting files by hand.

Note: Resolving files conflicts in pull-requests does require a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.

Rejecting changes

A project owner may also decide not to accept a proposed change from team members. Simply close the pull request to reject the changes from being merged into the 'master'.

Collaborate from desktop

If you prefer using the Desktop version of Pingendo, but still want to collaborate with your web Pingendo colleagues, that's not a problem. You'll just need use the Github Desktop client to create new pull-requests and commit changes.

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