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Create working sites fast from scratch

What if you could move beyond lifeless PSDs, wireframes and cold mockups? Blow away your clients and stakeholders with living, breathing, working demo sites they can use immediately! 

Customize and extend it with ease

With Pingendo, you're working on top of static, vanilla HTML and SASS files, so extending, customizing and integrating JavaScript is a breeze. There are zero limitations.

Tight Github integration – for your peace of mind

Pingendo saves everything you do straight to a Github repository, so you know your code is safe, source-managed, and easily-sharable with teammates.

Host your site free – make updates without a CMS

Github Pages makes site hosting easy and free. And keep it all up-to-date without needing a CMS.

Brilliant for individuals, even better for teams

When you are a team – Pingendo lets you work like one.

Developers get clean, battle-tested HTML & SASS they can customize and extend freely.

Designers can create responsive pages in the browser.

Marketers and copywriters can work autonomously in context.

Stakeholders can review and submit feedback on real pages - not last week's mockups.

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