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Code that won't make developers sad

Pingendo generates clean, battle-tested, modular Bootstrap 4 code –  with no messy dependencies.

You're working on top of native HTML and SASS files, so extending, customizing and integrating JavaScript is a breeze. There are zero limitations.

Pingendo's built-in code editor puts all your HTML and SASS code at your fingertips.

Every file is automatically stored on Github for easy interoperability with other developers.

Instant sharing with non-techies. For easy contribution, review and feedback.

Free hosting for your projects thanks to the Github Pages integration.

And don't forget – the visual Bootstrap 4 editor desktop version is available for Mac, Windows and Linux for those who need to work locally and offline.

Pingendo loves designers – and viceversa

Pingendo lets you take design control as you create working responsive layouts live in the browser.

Enjoy blazing fast prototyping with a toolbox of ready-to-use Bootstrap 4 components, prebuilt sections and the smart grid editor.

Move beyond lifeless PSDs, wireframes and drawings. Blow your clients and stakeholders away with living, working demo sites they can play with for immediate feedback. 

Give each page a unique look by customizing your Bootstrap theme. Modify your theme colors, fonts and grid setting without even opening a CSS file.

Free hosting for your projects thanks to the Github Pages integration.

Content creators and marketers! It's time to get your hands dirty!

Tired of asking others for changes to the site? Why not just do it yourself?

But don't panic! Any change is reversible at any time, so you don't need to worry about messing-up. Just start writing.

Brilliant copywriting isn't just words – context is critical. Now your copywriters can weave their magic on the real page being delivered.

And Pingendo makes submitting copy changes a breeze, so now everyone in the team can play with living, evolving prototypes from the 'day one' of the design.

Get your stakeholders involved sooner.

"Clients always change their mind". That's not a surprise. Frankly, it's hard to visualize the final product by looking wireframes and flat mockups. 

Pingendo make it simple for stakeholder to view, approve and even change the live pages being delivered.

Early feedback lets stakeholders do what they do best – focus the team towards the business goal with a minimum of fuss on all sides. 

Refine your ideas from the earliest stages of the project – not weeks (or months?) later when changes are more difficult and expensive. That means less wasted time, money and frustration for everyone.

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