Pingendo releases and updates

Now UI kit by Creative Tim

Big news on the template side: Now UI kit is available for downloading.
Designed by Invision and coded by Creative Tim, it's now featured by Pingendo.
Take advantages of the ready-to-use components for building fresh looking web pages.

On you'll find the link for preview and downloading.
It's still a beta version as three examples pages are still under development.
Refer to the Github repo for issue reports and submit your PR.

Enjoy it and don't forget to share some love for Pingendo on Twitter!

Templates Pingendo View on Github

Code editor revamp ✍

Here're some news about the HTML/SASS editor:

Floating window - like the project panel, the source editor is embedded in a different window. This allows you to resize or place it wherever you like, even on other monitors. Check your OS shortcuts for quick sizing or docking to screen borders.

Autocomplete for both HML and SASS sources

Various improvements in accuracy and speed

You can use these new shortcuts
F1: open/close the project panel
F2: open/close code editor
Ctrl/Cmd-F : search (enter to search next)

Design while coding, and code while designing.

Improved visual editor 🔭

Navs, tabs and carousels editing has been upgraded.
Now you can preview and edit all the tab contents and carousel slides in the canvas.

Clicking on the nav or tab pills will switch the related tab content. 
For carousels you'll have to select the slide from the tree on the right.

Psssst: for this video we've used the new HTML5 video snippet. Check it out in the component browser!

Updated Template library 🎨

Some news have just landed in the Template library and we are happy to share them with you!               
Old theme packs have been deconstructed for more download freedom.
You can now get what you need in a single click, with its styleguide (plus .css and .scss files).

More templates have been added to the collection: check the wireframe section, just below the themes.
Prototyping could be easier and faster with these pre-made pages to start with.

Last but not least, we've placed a form for whom is enjoying Pingendo to build templates.
If you'd like to see your work displayed in our library, just contact us and we can do beautiful things together!

Go to Templates

Bootstrap 4.0 & more 🎊 

v4.0 stable 📣

One week ago the long-awaited Bootstrap 4.0 stable version has been released.
It's already fully supported in Pingendo and instruction for migrating are available in this forum post already.

New Project panel 📚

The Project Panel has been radically improved. Quickly browse and open recent projects with the dropdown selector. Open and modify web pages by right-clicking on them and handle whole projects from the bottom menu. You can hide the panel and recalling it anytime with the Projects button in the toolbar or from the View menu.

From now on, Pingendo will frame your works in projects for lowering the possibilities of "orphan" files. Keeping all the HTML pages and themes in a tidy folder will let you use the Project panel and improve your workflow.

Forms updated and more controls 🔨

A few things have changed in Form code and some examples have been added to the left component browser. Meanwhile, we've re-organized some inspectors on the right panel for including the latest upgrades, like flex-box controls, borders and others. Have a look and enjoy the new settings.

Coming soon 📅

All of these updates are preparatory for a big round on ready-to-use contents.
We will be working on new components, sections and templates!

At your side 👨‍🔧 🎓

We have been squashing some pesky bugs thanks to users bug reports.
Any communication is utterly appreciated and you can mail us anytime.

Discounts for students and academic institutions are now fully available at this page ->
Eventually, you can now get to know the team and its vision at the about link.

Thanks to you and all the Pingendo community it has been an incredible quarter, and more fun is coming.
Happy holidays!

Freemium plans 🎄

Many enhancements have been recently deloyed, together with 🐛 fixes and fine tunings.
Meanwhile, we have updated the pricing plans with an awesome surprise: the Pingendo free version ->
No trial, no pro-tools: it's free and fully-featured. This version is meant for personal projects that will display Pingendo's logo.
For commercial use and a distraction-free working experience you can choose the Premium version.

Go premium

Templates and Projects ✨

Not one, but two massive upgrades to radically improve your workflow.

Free Bootstrap 4 templates made with and for Pingendo. 👉
Easy to customize, enriched with animations and tailored styleguides.

A brand new Project Folder Inspector is now available in app for managing web pages.
Overview your project and open pages straight from it, saving tons of time. Enjoy!

! Requires the latest Pingendo (released today). Download it here

Improvements and bugfixes 🚀 🐛

A maintenance update  to fix bugs and introduce small improvements all around the app (especially in breadcrumb and canvas).

Don't forget you can pre-buy your license to activate Pingendo and help us to grow. 
Get Pingendo and support the project! 

Pre-buy your license now

Beta ends: Pingendo 4 is landing

Here comes the big news: Pingendo is coming to its 4th version! 
Beta period will end soon as we will release first stable version. You will see starting a 30-days trial.

It has been a period of significant changes and more stunning updates are coming (have a look to our  Roadmap).  
Bootstrap 4 final version is approaching and Pingendo is all set to make it work smoothly.  

Starting today, you can pre-buy your license to activate Pingendo and help us to grow. 
Thanks to the enthusiasm of our growing community, we are eager to keep improving.
Get Pingendo and support the project! 


Offline support 🚌 🚆 ✈️

Pingendo now works offline so that you can still build while on the road!

Bug fixes and improvements

An update that fixes some bugs and introduces small improvements in various UI parts and snippets.
Don't forget to join our Forum and let us know what features you miss or what you love more of Pingendo!

New resizer for columns and restore of previously opened file

A small update to

  • Properly support resizing columns (Columns offset was removed).
  • Restore previously open tabs on startup.

Don't forget to join our Forum and let us know what features you miss or what you love more of Pingendo!

Support for Bootstrap 4.0.0 beta 1 🎉

We just updated Pingendo to support the – long awaited – first beta for Bootstrap 4.
Read more here to learn how to update your pages that are using old Alpha release.
While we approach our stable release you are encouraged to notify us about bugs and problems, using the Forum.

Thank you all!

A brand new snippets browser

Pingendo has been improved again: check out the left inspector for a brand new snippets browser.
Scroll the ready-to-use sections on the top and drag and drop them into your webpage. More blocks and themes are coming!