Pingendo for Github beta

Effective collaboration for clients and stakeholders

Collaborative Bootstrap editor usable by everyone.

Pingendo for Github works in a browser and integrates with Github for storing projects and collaborate with clients and stakeholders.

Easy enough to let everyone play with living prototypes, reviewing and submitting changes in safe and clean way, since firsts scratch.

Integrate with Github

Publish on Gh-pages

Works in the browser

Share living pages
with clients and stakeholder

Pingendo make it simple for Stakeholders to review and submit feedback on real pages - not last week's mockups.

Stakeholder and clients drawing
Content makers drawing

Content makers and
marketing guys break free

Simple submission of change, letting everyone play with living prototypes since firsts scratch. 

Any change is reversible at any time, so you don't need to worry about messing-up.

A lighter alternative to full fledged CMS

Pingendo integrates with Github Pages so that teams can update static web sites – without the overhead of a CMS.

Website developing crew drawing

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